Warm slippers

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Clear sun slippers

❄️ Never have cold feet in winter again! ❄️

The prices for electricity and gas are constantly rising, and heating should be left off. But with our super comfortable KlarSonne slippers you are guaranteed not to be cold this winter.

No more cold feet, no more tired joints - just pure comfort. 🌟

Every step becomes a pleasure

Our KlarSonne winter slippers are made of cozy, warm flannel fleece that distributes the pressure from your feet to your hips. You will immediately feel a sense of warmth throughout your body and experience relief in your aching feet, ankles, knees and hips.

Safe and stable

Lined with thick fur, durable and non-slip compression material, your feet provide constant support and comfort. Pleasant warmth, maximum comfort and stylish colors - our luxurious winter slippers should not be missing from any slipper collection.

Say goodbye to foot pain!

Have you ever come home after a long day, taken off your shoes and felt foot pain? Well, that doesn't have to be the case anymore! Our team worked hard to find the perfect solution and perfected our KlarSonne™ slippers. Slip your feet into our newly developed therapeutic "cushion slippers" - they relax your feet and cushion every step.

Pure pleasure

Rarely will you feel such soft fur on your feet! Not only is it extremely cozy - it also reduces the pressure on your feet with every step. The inner lining is made of high-quality cotton.

Choose your shoe size

Our KlarSonne™ slippers usually run 1-2 sizes smaller. To find your right size, choose 1-2 sizes larger. You can also measure your foot length to be on the safe side.
Size 36-37 = foot length 23.0 cm
Size 38-39 = foot length 24.0 cm
Size 40-41 = foot length 25.0 cm
Size 42-43 = foot length 26.0 cm
Size 44-45 = foot length 27.0 cm
Size 46-47 = foot length 28.0 cm

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