Luxurious leather sandals with heels

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Cotton High Heels - High heels that fit you perfectly
First layer of leather. Shoes of the highest quality
Well packaged, go free
Creatively integrate the comfortable material of sports shoes into the product and add cotton (patent leather) to the toe of high heels. Cotton has abundant honeycomb pores, is soft, fine and elastic, can fully support and wrap the toes and adapt to the pressure points of the feet, so that the feet are pressed evenly, improving the comfort of high heels.
5 comfortable designs, you will love them

No squeezing your feet, no pressure points, no tired feet, no overloaded feet, no rubbing feet, no aching back.
Stylishly retro tapered
A comfortable tip makes your feet slim and beautiful.
Softly profiled rubber sole
Improved adhesion. Quiet and calming. Easily and conveniently elevated.
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