Shoes cleaning cream

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  • All products: Buy 2/3/4, get 5/10/15% discount!

"Shoe Cleaning Cream" is a powerful stain remover that will leave you with new, clean surfaces - just like the day you bought them!


  • ✨Effective dirt removal
    Active decontamination dissolves, effectively removes dirt with water-free cleaning paste and adds penetrants to penetrate deep into the upper. Keep your shoes as clean as new!

  • ✨Gentle, safe and durable
    The traditional way of brushing shoes easily damages the surface of shoes, resulting in peeling, degumming, pilling and other problems of the upper. Our products are mildly formulated and will not harm your shoes or hands by turning “black” shoes into “white” shoes in a minute.

  • ✨Does not need to be washed with water
    Decontamination and whitening, a double protection factor, after cleaning, an insulation film is formed on the upper material, which can isolate dust and stains. Wash without water to easily and quickly remove stubborn stains from shoes.

  • ✨Scope
    Small white shoes, travel shoes, leather shoes, sports shoes, canvas shoes, leather bags, car interior, etc.


  • Weight: 260G

  • Package: 1*/2*/3* shoes cleaning cream

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