Plush coat for women

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Add life and color to the dreary, cold season

This jacket is timeless! With her unique and eye-catching style, you will surely stand out. And because it's so warm and cozy, it will keep you much warmer than any other jacket in the cold months ahead.

Clear sun jacket

Offers unparalleled comfort and convenience

This hooded jacket keeps your body warm. There's no need to turn up the heat as it will effortlessly keep you warm and save you money on your energy bill. Go confidently and courageously into the cold with this jacket!

KlarSonne hooded jacket

Suitable for all body types

The practical design of this warm hooded jacket gives every woman the confidence and ability to look good even when buttoned up. Nobody can look bad in such a warm hooded jacket. This makes it the perfect jacket for work, travel, parties or holidays abroad!

ClearSun Hoodie

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