Passionate Heart Jasper Bracelet

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  • All products: Buy 2/3/4, get 5/10/15% discount!

Red Jasper is the stone of courage, health and strength. This stone gives you a boost of life energy and improves your stamina and stamina. Its energy is similar to adrenaline, waking you up and energizing your body to increase your energy levels. This stone promotes a positive and happy attitude and gives you the motivation to pursue your dreams.

  • It is an excellent crystal for interpersonal relationships. It eases family or group problems and promotes solutions and cohesion. It attracts love and happiness and protects against those who would break your heart.
  • Its frequency awakens creativity and imagination. With its pure yellow energy, Citrine promotes fullness of life, new beginnings and new aspirations.
  • It does not hold or accumulate negative energy. It solves problems on both the physical and subtle levels and transforms negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones.


  • Natural stones: Red Jasper, Imperial Jasper
  • Metal: Gold Plated Alloy
  • Closure: drawstring, adjustable
  • Size: 7 inches
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