Sleeveless dress with printed waist

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Stylish and fashionable

Sleeveless printed waist dresses are characterized by their trendy and fashionable designs. The prints and patterns on these dresses add style to your look and can make a statement at social events or casual outings. They are a versatile addition to your wardrobe that will enhance your overall appearance and help you stand out from the crowd.

Comfortable and breathable

Sleeveless dresses are usually made of light and breathable material, which makes them particularly comfortable on warm days. The lack of sleeves allows for better air circulation and freedom of movement, making them an ideal choice for summer or hot climates. The tailored shape also ensures a flattering and comfortable fit.

Versatile wardrobe piece

Sleeveless dresses with printed waist are versatile garments that can be worn on different occasions. You can pair them with sandals or sneakers for a casual look or complement them with heels and accessories for a more formal or dressy ensemble. Their adaptability makes them suitable for a variety of occasions, from relaxed outings to parties and semi-formal meetings.

Product name Sleeveless printed waist dress
Gender Ladies
style Casual
Occasion Daily
material polyester

Size Breast waist
Customs cm Customs cm
S 34.65 88 26.77 68
M 36.22 92 28.35 72
L 37.8 96 29.92 76
XL 39.37 100 31.5 80

Size number of pieces Weight (g)
S 3 200 600
M 5 250 750
L 4 230 800
XL 3 260 850

Wash bleaching Iron
temperature Temperature (°C) Chlorine allowed Ironing allowed Temperature (°C)
Care instructions 30 Not possible 150
40 Not possible 110

Please note:

  • Maximum wearing time: 8 hours
  • Do not wear while sleeping
  • If you have intolerances, please discontinue and consult a doctor.

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