YOU CAN’T LEAVE PARIS WITHOUT… A bunch of things of course especially the memories. Memories that will always be kept for the sake of our mental health (irony of course, or else not…). But now seriously, in the city of lights we can see and do many things, buy souvenirs, enjoy coffee in the typical Parisian café terraces, visit museums, blah blah blah… but aware of it, there two things that a true lover of Paris won’t lose. A visit to the Ladurée and Angelina. Both tearooms are magnificent, and not need to talk pastry, right?

So, we can’t go home without a macarons box (to our own, friends or family), and some small treat Angelina of course!
We always keep the boxes for decoration, storage of something, or even to collect (which is my case), but all this after delighting us with this “small” and luxurious French pastries.
If you share my love of all that is beautiful and delicious, then You know that I speak the truth… it’s cliché, we must return to our home with these beautiful boxes. Yum!YOU CAN'T LEAVE PARIS WITHOUT-ivaniasmode-jpgYOU CAN’T LEAVE PARIS WITHOUT-ladurée macarons-ivaniasmode


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