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#GirlPower: WONDER WOMAN || I have been very excited about a movie, since I first heard it was being made. Can you guess what movie is?! It talks about a powerful warrior, that fights to eliminate evil. No, it is not Spider Man. No, not Super Man. No, it is not Batman, or even Captain America. Finally after years and years of super hero movies with male strong characters, us ladies have Wonder Woman.

For those who are not familiar with, Wonder Woman, I will give you the back story. She was called Diana, and she was an Amazon Princess. She is beautiful, but her focus was to be trained in the art of combat. In her world, women have the power, the strength, and are warriors at heart. A bit different from some parts of the real world where women are still treated as weak, and praised only by their beauty. Diana has one big quality that stands out, among many others, she has the biggest heart ever. She fights to protect the one´s that suffer, and her mission is to fight a war that ends all wars.

The film is directed by Patty Jenkins, that spent more than a decade, trying to be the director of this movie. She fought the good fight and won. To have in a movie about women empowerment a female director, is an absolute plus. The perspective is not just focused on making Wonder Woman look good, it goes beyond that. To make her powerful, strong, and independent.
Gal Gadot, takes on the big task of interpreting this role, and the praise has been high. She gave her heart and soul to this super heroin, and it shows that she is committed to give to the audience the best that she is.
So far the movie has made more than 600 million dollars World Wide, and is now the biggest box office hit of a movie directed by a female director.
This film, has so many good things that in just an article, it is impossible to described them all.

But here are the most important things to retain from this movie, in my opinion:

– This movie, Wonder Woman, will change the lives of the new generation of girls, that will one day be an essential part of world politics, medicine, economics, science, art, you name it. Instead of looking at movies where princesses are saved by the big strong man, they actually have a perspective that they can be warriors, fighters, powerful in all senses. Physically and mentally. It is so important to have something that is mainstream and appeals to that empowerment side of girls.

– Wonder Women proves that a super heroin film, can make money. It as been said time and time again that people did not want to watch movies about women warriors, that it is not appealing or profitable. This movie with a female character and director, proves otherwise. It will open the door to more and more box office films, made by women and with a strong female cast, in the comics world.

– It is a movie about feminism. Oh and I love that part. Where equality is part of the story and teaches us that the movement is not a dirty one. It is made for us, and the generations that are coming after us. Generations of men and women that will realize more and more that we both deserve to have the same rights, the same future. And that is a beautiful thing to see.
Take your kids and yourself to the cinema… It will be a beautiful thing to show them what a powerful super heroin can do…


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