#health: VOSS WATER || Norway est. April 2000 – This handmade water has an amazing taste and is one of the purest waters in the world, taken from a virgin aquifer under ice and rocks for centuries, in a central untouched desert from Norway.

Not many years ago, two Norwegian businessmen created Voss, an elegant tube. Voss water is bottled in southern Norway, “naturally unfiltered” but its robust purity is not unique selling point of the brand.

The company’s designers have designed meticulously a bottle the way to reflect a brand that encompasses both health and high fashion. Voss became available mainly in luxury hotels and health spas in Europe and the United States, but its distribution has become wider and is sold in retail stores and gourmet on both continents. This was acquired at Le Bon Marché, Paris.

I love a good glass of water with my meal. Yes, I said water, for those who know me for a long time it seems lie, but for more than one year, I opt for water. For a festive celebration, champagne or cocktails is fabulous, but paired my meal with an exceptional glass of bottled water makes me very happy.


VOSS WATER-ivaniasmode-1VOSS WATER-ivaniasmode-2

Bonus: the bottle and the water are perfect for DIY’s. Super easy to create infusions with fresh fruits and vegetables – and guarantee: it has super delicious results.

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