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#Looks: VINTAGE FLORAL DRESS || Who would have thought I would write an article about a look again? I did not! But, I considered that this dress deserves an highlight, although it is already pending for months.

Let’s talk about vintage, which currently is something very trendy. However that is not why vintage is the theme. Take into consideration my love for vintage articles since many years now. And I think most of you know that this is a fact.

So, I could not fail to highlight this dress that was a real bargain – 5 euros – found in a second hand store. Although, I am distancing myself more and more from clothes with full prints, this dress had a je ne sais quoi that led me to grab it right away. You never know if someone will have the same thoughts as me at the same time.

It hangs somewhere on the wall of my room, as if it were a work of art. It’s still flawless, believe me!
Do you know what fascinates me most about vintage items? It is that they are basically unique and distinct pieces, and undoubtedly it is a question far beyond the economic one, it is a case of exclusivity and originality. And there’s still a bonus: when you get a vintage or second hand, we’re helping the environment. Isn’t that cool?

Finally, a friendly advice: bet more on clothing recycling.

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