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FROM HERE TILL ETERNITY || It is impossible to deny the legacy of Gianni Versace in the fashion world. I would say more, that without him much of the idea of glamor and refinement Made in Italia would not have been spread all over the world. A gaudy and luxurious lifestyle like its prints, symbols of la dolce vita. Her sister knew how to reuse and capitulate this imagery by creating more than a tribute collection, a moment that will probably never repeat again in the fashion world. The reunion of the supermodels of the 90’s, with pomp and circumstance closing the fashion show, golden girls of the Versace’s golden years. They were the face and body of the brand, and it was the very brand that gave them the superpowers as models, they became personalities, fashion icons so to speak. Known throughout the Planet, thanks to the clothes and the images of the campaigns.

Wherever Gianni may be, he can only be eternally proud of his sister, and of all the people, models and others, who have acknowledged his importance, paying him a well-deserved tribute.

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