#Beauty: TOP 10 LUSH PRODUCTS YOU MUST HAVE || Lush Cosmetics started in 1977 when Liz Weir and Mark Constantine meet, working in a beauty salon, and started developing, products that they thought were necessary for the market. Products made from natural ingredients, different and above all, unique. They worked before with brands like The Body Shop, and started to grow more an more to become the beloved brand they are today.

Also available in Portuguese (PT)

They defend strong values: 100% vegetarian, ethical buying, fighting animal testing, handmade cosmetics and minimal packaging.

And Lush is not only just about the values but also about a creativity that is hard to find in the market. The use of bold colours and scents takes us to an alternative dimension, where green fields full of Spring flowers blossom, where stories of fairies and candy exuberance come true.

♥ Some powerful ingredients ♥


For the vegan customers, Lush is the perfect match. Just on their website you can access dozens of different vegan little treasures, that will make your vegan heart melt of joy. It is the perfect gift for the Holiday Season. Not just only for others but for yourself! A brand like Lush makes you believe in the good work made by companies, and we wish that other brands follow their example.

ISM let’s you know the Top 10 Lush Vegan Products You Must Have, to transform your beauty experience into a true homemade Spa that will take you far away from the day to day life and transport you to a land of Dreams.

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Decisive Lipstick

Ice Ice Baby


Reindeer Games

Black Stockings

Golden Handshake

Razzle Dazzle

Under The Mistletoe




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