#Opinion: SOME THINGS I HATE ABOUT FASHION AND THE DIGITAL WORLD || You might have noticed the pace of work at ISM has been a bit slow, for a million reasons. But the main one (I think), is that I went through a phase where I just wanted to distance myself from everything, and that means: fashion industry and social networks. Besides the lack of time since the beginning of the year, for personal reasons, plus the truth is that I got to the point where I felt tired, and I’m not just talking physically. No! Tired mentally of social networking, tired of having a thousand ideas in my mind and for some reason the inability to put them into practice, and believe me, this originates a huge frustration! And of course, I was distancing myself from the creation of content here, because for a moment, I questioned if I wanted to continue with this project. I questioned myself dozens of times, however, the final answer was always the same: Yes, I do. And I will go on! But calmly …

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A few days ago, between reading one of the few print magazines I still love to go through, and a cappuccino on one of my favourite terraces in the city, inspiration and motivation suddenly appeared. With this, the things that I really hate, from the fashion industry to the current digital world, have also clearly appeared.

So, I’d like to name a few to you.

• First of all: the ISM is by no means a blog. It’s a website closer to an online magazine, than a blog, and that’s it. If there is something that makes me go crazy, it is when somebody referes to this project as a blog. And unfortunately this happens regularly. There are differences between a blog and a website, and if you do not know how to differentiate them, feel free to get some information about it. I even understand (a little) that many people still associate me with a blog because I had one for over 5 years. But come on folks, the blog was “a thousand years ago” !. And if you are aware, the ISM is not about me. It’s about people. It’s about a little bit of everything, and I just come to say “hello” occasionally with a personal style article or another one. If you still have doubts read our About section.

To end this point, I just want to give 2 examples: Chiara Ferragni’s popular blog has changed. It started out as an outfits blog, considered a fashion and travel magazine, and it’s currently a website and / or digital platform. The H&M website includes an online magazine

Does anyone refer to both as a blog? Just a question!

• Authors of Tumblr’s who are considered fashion editors, just because … well, I do not know why, but I’d like to know! Let’s see, sharing images from other people on your own Tumblr (without other content), makes someone a fashion editor. So, let me tell you that the world is full of fashion editors!

• Another point similar to the one above: Instagram influencers. Most brands currently prefer to work with Instagram influencers than joining online magazines and websites that truly address fashion content. And that is crazy! I think a lot of people are doing their work at agencies badly … and come on, wake up! Numbers are not always real. Numbers do not always mean better return. And I could go on …

Ah! Another point is: some printed magazines get lots of advertising to fill their pages, even if they do not reach as many readers as those on a digital level. And that, my dear ones, believe me, is also very frustrating! The agencies / brands forget something: the online content is definitive. Yes, it is forever, and easily found through searches. So, anybody tell me what’s going on? Because I’m tired of debating this situation with some brands …

• People who mostly wear “fast fashion” brands are not eligible for collaborations with large luxury brand stores. Let’s see, if people only have Zara handbags, they have no audience to use a Chanel or Gucci bag, among others. And of course I’m talking about offers, collaborations, partnerships … if you know what I mean. Great bullshit, that’s what I think!

Psychologiquement, je suis Chanel. C’est juste mon compte en banque qui est Zara.

(And personally: yes, I have an audience that buys luxury products!)

• Finally, although I could go on with an endless list, I’d like to say that I was not born yesterday, blah blah blah. So it’s tiring to receive emails from brands where they offer me a fantastic product (actually most of the time it’s not) in exchange for a written article, and a thousand and one photos and shares on social networks. Or, an offer of 10€ to publicize a banner for 3 months. This happens, and sometimes I feel like answering everything I feel, but I always choose to delete the emails immediately.

Let’s be honest, our articles contain featured products by our own initiative and our research. Now, if a brand wants to stand out, you know what you have to do professionally… right?

For anyone that might forget, it is important to remember: creating content (writing or photographing), photographing, editing, translating articles in more than 2 languages, making articles, etc … takes time! Hours and hours of our day. So, please remember that time is work, and work is money (and respect!).

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