#life: THE 90s ARE BACK || Look who really has his heart seized in the 90s: I, of course! Have you noticed, right? (Laughs) And as I have already been saying, love the 90 goes much further to fall in love by the current collections in the fast-fashion stores. It is something that is within us, and I will always cry to heaven how I was happy at that time, and please note, I was happy without internet!
Adding to my obsession with 90s joined the love for vintage and the antique fairs. Oh yes, I’m totally crazy about it.

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My son knows how much I love pictures, and he found this picture on last Sunday at a fair of antiques and second-hand, it conveys such a strong message, and gave me this. I have the best son in the world!

THE 90’S ARE BACK-ivaniasmode


Also, I found this pair of skates for 5 € … So I say, back to the ’90s! You can’t imagine, but I was a “professional” to rollerblading. I can still remember the first fall, but after the first no one ever stopped me. And now this is the greatest motivation to do outdoor sports. Summer calls for me!

a few things you may have missed …

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