Bo•he•mi•an (n.)

a free-spirited, open minded thinker; one who lives a wandering or vagabond life

If you’ve been following my blogs (which I think you have), you’ve by now noticed how obsessed I am with all things boho. And, I don’t really think I’ll be shaking it off any time soon, to be honest. The way I see it, boho is not just about the latest accessory – rather, it’s a lifestyle, a philosophy of things, beauty reborn, gentility adopted. I love everything about it.

Why am I telling you this?

Because, this time around, I want to tackle upon the beauty of boho jewelry. As far as I am concerned, even the dullest of clothes can take a whole different dimension with just a few boho pieces of accessories and become instantly fashionable. The thing is – when you are wearing boho jewelry, you do more than just exist in the world of fashion – you are making a statement.

So, do read the below and be free to visualize along…


Flamboyant necklace chic

When you take a look at boho jewelry pieces, they each individually resemble Indian-inspired pieces, sometimes Hindi, Hawaiian, Gypsy or African jewelry. When mixed together, they give away a rather flamboyant vibe that’s, at the same time, inappropriate for most situations, but incredibly exciting and chic. The key is in the way you combine it – overloading your outfit with all the boho necklaces you’ve got just because you’ve heard boho loves multiple pieces combined is absolutely wrong. You need to find your style and follow it. Sure, multiple anything is great as long as you follow the style and color pallet, and pair it up with your outfit. A boho styled accessories won’t agree with an all-business outfit, with turtlenecks or constrained cuts. Boho jewelry reflects the freedom of boho lifestyle – shine, shimmer, sparkle, tribal fringe, lace, moonstone or lucky charms around your neck will fit perfectly with light materials and easy cuts.

Ornamental ring details

A ring is a ring … well, in boho, no it’s not! Boho rings come in various shapes and designs, and they are a statement to your inner wild child; worn on all five fingers or threaded around one or two for edge, they’ll give your style such a powerful oomph that you’ll be the main talk of wherever you show up. Your boho inspired statement rings will look even more powerful if you combine them with an interesting nail shape and polish (like almond shape and white or neon blue color), especially if you’ve just come of holiday and your skin is darker than it usually is. I love it when women go into experimenting with rings…there’s something so exciting about it, so reckless and so free! Oh and – let’s not forget how chic toe-rings can be!

Jacquie Aiche x Rihanna flash tattoos.

Henna tattoos

Even though they’re not technically jewelry, they fit the role. Henna tattoos have become the it boho accessory for the summer. From brides to be, to chic and stylish boho fashionistas, everyone is wearing them and for a reason – usually done in black, charcoal gray and/or white, henna tattoos are seriously orgasmic. I had mine done yesterday (did you really think I wouldn’t?) and I can’t wait till I show it off. What!? Men can have them done, too!


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