Gucci Resort 2018

May 30th, 2017|FASHION|

#Fashion: GUCCI RESORT 2018 - GUCCIFICATION || In the name of Alessandro, the father, in the name of Gucci the pesky child, in the name of the Holy Grail! Let’s [...]

MR PORTER and Gucci Exclusive Capsule Collection

April 11th, 2017|FASHION, NEWS|

#FashionNews: MR PORTER AND GUCCI EXCLUSIVE CAPSULE COLLECTION || MR PORTER to release a new capsule collection with the iconic Italian brand Gucci. A range of all-time favorites with classic [...]

Look Of The Day – No.6

February 21st, 2017|FASHION|

#inspiration: LOOK OF THE DAY – No.6 || Pink and green are a beautiful combination, although rarely used. We think that, the colours together are perfect for Spring looks, however, [...]

Gucci Tee – The Most Popular T-shirt on Instagram

December 30th, 2016|FASHION|

#Fashion: GUCCI TEE- THE MOST POPULAR T-SHIRT ON INSTAGRAM || This t-shirt is so amazing for the daily use. It is simple, but not boring, and nowadays it is the [...]

Look Of The Day – No.4

December 20th, 2016|FASHION|

#inspiration: LOOK OF THE DAY – No.4 || A Pink faux fur coat is the best choice to give some colour to any of us. Even if you are not [...]

3 Gucci Jackets That Every Men Should Have

November 16th, 2016|FASHION, SHOPPING|

#Shopping: 3 GUCCI JACKETS THAT EVERY MEN SHOULD HAVE  || Judging by the quality and the design of the pieces, we can consider that this investment will last you a [...]

Gucci Suede Pumps

October 15th, 2016|FASHION|

#ShoesOfTheDay: GUCCI SUEDE PUMPS || It's not in any way difficult to join two passions of our editor-in-chefs, like the colour red and a Gucci and make it become desire [...]

Gucci Obsession

September 23rd, 2016|FASHION|

#fashion: GUCCI OBSESSION || Since Alessandro Michele took the reins of Gucci in 2015, the fashion world was changed and was the beginning of a new era: the era of [...]

Gucci Loafers vs River Island Loafers

July 29th, 2016|FASHION, SHOPPING|

#Shoes: Gucci Loafers vs River Island Loafers || If you don't have the budget to afford a pair of Gucci loafers buying the River Island's loafers would be a better [...]


July 2nd, 2016|FASHION, TREND|

#shoes: Love. Want. NEED: GUCCI SHOES || These Super Chic Leather slipper or Leather mid-heel loafer. Or both. It's all about GUCCI. It's all about fashion feet. Stroll up the [...]


June 7th, 2016|FASHION, NEWS|

#fashion: GUCCI RESORT 2017 || You may or may not have noticed (how is possible?!), but fashion has gone through a amazing revolution. The culprit is Alessandro Michele, who took [...]


March 31st, 2016|FASHION, SHOPPING|

#shopping: GUCCI DIONYSUS SHOULDER BAG || This Gucci bag is to die for!!! I’ve been trying it sometimes and i’m close to dying each time. Plus I only have "boring" [...]

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