#Life: STOP WORRYING ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK || We can control our attitudes, but we cannot control how other people react to them. Having this notion is one thing, but allowing it to affect us is a whole different story.

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First of all, NEVER forget this:
“How people treat you, is their Karma; how you react is yours.”

Secondly, STOP. Stop right now caring what other people think of you, what they talk about you, and possibly, what they manufacture about you. Let’s repeat: STOP RIGHT NOW.

We believe that we grew up (while kids) in a society that transmitted this type of worry. Sentences like: “ What are the neighbors going to think?” or “What is our family going to think about this?” or even “People are going to think that… They are going to talk about … Don’t do that!” or even the famous sentence “Are you really going to dress like this? You are going to look like a …”!!!

Bullshit! Just bullshit. We are “programmed” since kids to follow dumb “rules” that are naturally imposed by society. And nobody understands this, until we grow up and as adults have our own vision.
And then there are two paths to follow: or your really stop caring about what other people think, and pass this notion on to your kids. Or you will keep living a life “without total freedom” because your fears will not allow you to… And of course, you are going to transmit this information to your kids. So if you chose the second path, we will say “See you later” because this article is not for you. Bye bye, and we hope you will be a little bit happy living in darkness!



Ah! You are still here. Great! It means that, or you are interested in a change of mentality, or fortunately you want to reinforce that strong mentality of yours.

You should be aware once and for all that we only have one life. Yes, my dears, we live only once and this is no joke! To waste your life and happiness to fear (of what other people think) is totally wrong. It is a crime you commit to yourself!

Everyone of us – some more than others – have people that do not like us, without a reason, and some of these people are actually close to us. We, possibly, do this to other people, but that is a mental exercise we should learn to control. But we can talk about this another day! Now let’s focus on…

How many times do we avoid certain places, because we think a person that hates us is going to be there? How many opportunities do we lose because we don’t want to see or even breath the same air as that person? It is time to change that! Move on, forget that person exists and do what needs to be done. Do not lose opportunities, enjoy moments, and don’t make decisions based on fears that later you will regret.

Are you in a draining relationship, in which your happiness doesn’t exist in theory and in practice? Leave! Do you belong to a family that has old fashion standards? Are you afraid of what they may think? That they will not accept a separation or a divorce? It is your life, and your happiness on the line, not your family’s! You do not need (ever) the approval of another to make your own choices.

Do you invest a lot of time trying to please others? It is completely wrong. People have to like you the way that you are. It is not healthy at all to waste (yes, waste!) your time caring about what other people think. Be kind always, and make that a way of living. Not with the mindset of “pleasing all”. Be kind to yourself and you will naturally be kind to the eyes of others. Without concerns. Without stress.

Unfortunately we live in a society, where people judge without knowing. People have hate for one another. There will always be a person that is going to criticize you even we you do something right. Just forget it. Simply forget it and just focus on yourself, and do what makes you happy. This is what really matters!

During your life, people will come and go. Sometimes they disappear for no reason. And you ask yourself every day “Why?! What did I do wrong?!” You did nothing wrong! Believe it, you did nothing wrong. Maybe people come into your life to teach you a lesson. It doesn’t matter what they talk about you. It doesn’t matter if they spread poison to the world to burn your image. Don’t be bothered by it, and remember: Karma is always watching. So let Karma take care of those people, and move on with your life.

You want to try a more sexy outfit but are afraid of what your mother, neighbors, and even strangers might think? Oh, don’t be bothered by it! The way you dress says a lot about you, it is true… Your outfit transmits your personality, your mood, your courage. But is not a short skirt, with over-the-knee boots, and fishnets that is going to make you a whore! So wear what you want, how you want and be happy! Be confident, be yourself.


You don’t want to have kids? It is not the end of the world. It is your life. Your body. The choice is just yours. Women don’t have to be mothers just because society “says” so. No!

What other people think? Does not increase your quality of life. That quality of life starts within you.

In your state of mind.

In yourself.


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