#Lifestyle: SPING DETOX IN 3 EASY STEPS  || If there is ever a perfect time to detox, it is most definitely spring time. Everything around you is experiencing a new awakening, starting with budding leaves and flowers around you, and it is time to give your body the energy boost to go along with the new season. New season – new you, and the best part, it can be done on a count of three, so follow these easy steps and rejuvenate that body starting today.

Step one: cleaning the pantry

The holiday season is over, so the first thing to say goodbye to is fatty, unhealthy food lurking and tempting you from the pantry. Get rid of processed foods, anything that comes in a can must go. Eliminate foods with added sugar, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, gluten, soy, and animal protein. Upgrade your nutrition with greens. Any greens will do, but the best ones are definitely spinach, algae, parsley, watercress, asparagus, peas, fennel, mustard greens and green tea (matcha tea in particular). Chlorophyll found in greens is good for your blood and helps you achieve balance. Make your own healthy meals, take the time to prepare a healthy low-fat dish that will satisfy your nutritive needs, but also help you detox and cleanse on the way. One thing you should never forget is water – stay hydrated at all times, nothing below eight glasses of water is enough, especially at the turn of the season when you are bound to be more active and lose more fluid than during the hibernating wintertime.

Step two: additional support

Sure, there are foods that contain plenty of vitamins of all letters, minerals as well, but when the seasons change, our bodies become more susceptible to catching a cold or the flu, because our immune system is a bit wobbly at this particular time. This is why it is essential to stock up on all the supplements you can get, not only to cleanse, but to make your body stronger and your immune system rock-solid. Hence, Biocare multivitamins and minerals should become an integral part of your daily routine. Vitamin B for energy and great metabolism, and vitamins C, B6, B12, D as well as selenium are essential for normal function of the immune system. You can never be too healthy, there is no such thing.

Step three: shake it off

By this we do not mean listening to Taylor Swift’s song although you can if it is one of your go-to jams. By this we mean shake that body and start moving. Whether you are looking for more serenity and calm in your life, in which case yoga and meditation are great activities to take up, or you are more of a regular gym person, it is time to start moving more. Jogging is a good way to start; it is great cardio and prepares your body for a more challenging exercise routine. Breaking a good amount of sweat does wonders in terms of detox, everything bad for your body comes out through it. In addition, a combination of great nutrition and exercise can completely transform your metabolism and you will reap the benefits for months and years to come.

Bonus tip: make sure you get enough sleep, even if it means cutting the evening pre-bed social media scrolling time. Nothing below six to eight hours is enough to replenish your body and mind, and get you in shape for what awaits you the next day. Also, this is a great time for a healthy detox drink that you can make at home and just sip every time you get a chance. Apart from being a great detox tool, this simple and refreshing beverage can help you lose a couple of pesky holiday pounds. Happy cleansing everyone!



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