#Support: WELCOME TO THE SPEAK YOUR HEART AWARENESS CAMPAIGN! || Speak Your Heart EU Campaign, is a social photography project, that wants to create awareness to the refugees leaving Syria towards Europe. Focusing on women, and how they have the desires, expectations and dreams, just as any other European women have.

Rita and João; he is a photographer and she owns a small makeup business. They want to travel Europe for a year, doing a panoramic photo of women doing what makes them fell the most empowered. Tell them to speak their hearts without a script. Then, they will go and meet refugee women and do the same type of photo. So we can see the differences and most importantly the similarities between all women. This is to show a different side of the war, and will make people come closer together as one.

‘For this we need your support and donation. Like this page and share the content with your family and friends. Your help and support is important for us. So please, join the ride and follow us for a year.’ Rita Silva

The Speak Your Heart Campaign is looking for support, to travel and do this project for a year:

⇒ Video Equipment

⇒ Audio Equipment

⇒ Van Expenses (Purchase, Gas, Insurance, Repairs)

⇒ Food

Make your donation at: GoFundMe

Or, contact speakyourhearteu@gmail.com for other enquiries, in case you want to hire the team for photography and social media jobs, in exchange for a donation for the campaign.

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Cover image via DailyMail.Co.Uk  // 2nd image via IbTimes.com

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