SOUVENIRS FROM PORTUGAL || It’s funny the euphoria and the value we place on things as ours, of our culture … when we are far away from it.
I said several times that when I returned to Portugal, would bring back home many souvenirs. Many of these things now give more value than ever! No wonder I wrote this article on Portuguese products that everyone should have! Obviously I don’t have half of them yet but…SOUVENIRS FROM PORTUGAL_ivaniasmodeA traditional scarf of Viana (Lenço de Viana do Castelo) I had to have! For years, on my wish list … and for years that I already could have it, but in my mind I wanted someone to gift me one scarf. I gave up. This time I bought one at a moment somebody confused me with a tourist. And no, I did not speak French! I speak Portuguese in my country.

Brought in red because it is for me, the colour that stands out the most beautiful, the most traditional…and I have big plans for it!

Roosters (Galos de Barcelos)! Huge cocks! Oh, and just for review in my parents my cock “Miss Artesanato” I received more than a decade ago. I thought that had left at home changes, but ultimately and fortunately was at my parents’ house. I brought it with me, because it is traditional. But with it came a few…aren’t they beautiful? You buy, buy and buy! They are cheap, are ours, and there are a thousand different paintings! For now I bet on traditional, but soon…

Swallows! I saw many, small and medium, in a bunch of colours and shades…I missed out the traditional crafts fair and the last day I had to run to a store and buy these two…are the best known, the most traditional.

Who is coming back from Portugal without bottles of Port wine (Vinho do Porto)? No one! This is a crime (kidding)…ok, but without – Pastel de Nata – cream pastries is!SOUVENIRS FROM PORTUGAL_ivaniasmode-1SOUVENIRS FROM PORTUGAL_ivaniasmode-3SOUVENIRS FROM PORTUGAL_ivaniasmode-2SOUVENIRS FROM PORTUGAL_ivaniasmode-4So these are the souvenirs of my return to Portugal in this mini-vacation… But I can confess that I didn’t bring only these Portuguese products. What about the sausages and hams? Hmm?!

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