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#Beauty: SKIN REJUVENATION – COLLISTAR || Do you know the wonderful song “Felling ‘Good” by Nina Simone? I hear it every day, in the past few months. “It’s a new day, it’s a new life for me … and I’m feeling good!”, And that’s exactly the mood. And a new life, it also includes new skin treatments. It is like a rejuvenation of body and soul.

Just before the end of Summer I seriously started a facial skin treatment. And when I say seriously, I mean that I’m taking this thing of being faithful to a specific product, with discipline. I could explain this better, but it would be a long story, and who would want to know anyway ?! (laughs)

So, like any young woman who has already reached her 30’s, one of the worries are the first signs of aging. In addition to the age factor, we will add “nicotine dependence” *, stress, and even climatic temperatures.

After Summer and enjoying a few temperatures a little higher than usual throughout the year, and after a house moving, among other things. I considered that it was the ideal time to start a genuine treatment of renewal of the skin, daily. I opted for Collistar’s rich cream that promises smoother, firmer and toned skin, less visible wrinkles and dark spots, as well as other signs of aging.

This cream is very good when used alone, but can also be used in combination with glycolic acid drops for a “professional” treatment.

About the cream: I use it after a proper skin cleansing. Before going to sleep I massage the center of the face outwards, avoiding the contours of the lips and eyes, since there is a burning sensation in the eyes if the cream comes in contact.

About Glycolic Acid Drops: This peeling is an authentic skin renewal treatment when used for 4 consecutive weeks (the same time as the skin renewal process).
The product has a very light consistency, such as a liquid whey. The alpha hydroxy acid releases the skin of dead cells, and leaves the skin a little more vulnerable to sun damage. This is why it should be applied preferably at night.
Apply between 3 to 5 drops. It does not itch or burn, but with repeated use, I have the feeling that my skin has become more sensitive, so I am being extremely careful about it.

After the first month of daily use of this product, I can say that I am impressed. My skin is in better condition, and that’s something remarkable. It definitely looks firmer, smoother to the touch, and I have much smaller pores!

I totally recommend using both products. But be aware that they are not advised for sensitive or “broken” skin.
The use of the products results in visible changes in the face and is a “good remedy” for skin renewal at home, used as part of the routine for four consecutive weeks.

The treatment can be repeated several times a year, leaving at least one month between each cycle, which is exactly what I have done. (I’m finishing the second cycle – still with the same packaging) and intend to use both products again in the Spring.

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