#Beauty: SEPHORA MASK PARTY – The Big Night Out Survival Kit || Are you going to a special event, or simply preparing yourself for the party season to come, which means, lunches with the family, Christmas dinners with your work colleagues, your kids’ school party, dinners with friends or simply going out at night to celebrate life?

Also available in Portuguese (PT)

Well, you need to take care of yourself from head to toe. What do you think about beauty masks, to start? Sephora as created the perfect gift (limited edition), just in time for the holidays! Great for us, and perfect for a friend.

This beautiful illustrated book, gives you beauty tips and includes 7 beauty masks that transform this book into a true survival kit for the big nights, at an affordable price!

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The review of the masks will arrive in the next few days (if our Editor–in–Chief is willing to appear in photos with a white face and two slices of cucumber in her eyes! Truth is she went running to Sephora, to buy more masks after she tried one!), but for now… Let’s look at the kit?



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