#beauty: RITUALS CHINESE MINT & YI YI REN // THE RITUAL OF DAO REVIEW – First of all, this is a darling brand for the ISM, but any opinion about Rituals, is pure. We really are lovers of products and concept.

THE RITUAL OF DAO FOOT SCRUB: This scrub for feet is not oily or greasy and you can see the microspheres it contains, in addition it provides just the right amount of exfoliation. This product leaves our feet totally happy, relaxed and renewed by the power of Mint & Yi Yi Ren Chinese. It is certainly recommended by us.

THE RITUAL OF DAO RELAXING SERUM: With all the daily stress that we carry in our lives, nothing better than to have a serum that is easy to take with us, and you have a perfect size to fit into a small bag or purse. We found it. This serum Rituals promises to relax and relieve stress and fatigue. In addition, the Chinese Ren Yi Yi will soften the skin, while the presence of mint provides a relaxing effect. Sounds fantastic! And indeed it is. Massage the serum on the temples, forehead and neck ensures a better result, and you will feel more refreshing indeed. It is a good anti-stress.

Keep your skin soft and radiant by exfoliating once or twice a week with the RITUALS Good Luck Scrub

THE RITUAL OF DAO SHOWER FOAM: This product does not need comments – for our editor-in-chief all Rituals shower gel are the world’s best – anyway let’s talk a little about it.

When we go to the shower in the morning or after a long day, we just want to relax right? Even a quick shower is possible to relax. Fortunately there are products like this sparkling gel that do the work for us: it turns into a luxurious foam when it comes into contact with water (pure luxury!). A rich lather and nutritious for cleaning the whole body … Aww and is so relaxing, so delicious, and the smell is amazing! Everything is great.
In this product the brand uses an ancient Chinese philosophy that helps to achieve perfect harmony, the gel takes the organic power of Yi Yi Ren, an ingredient used in traditional Chinese medicine, and White Lotus.

In fact, the mark uses a lot Chinese philosophies and power seeds and leaves that are totally medicinal.RITUALS CHINESE MINT & YI YI REN-ivaniasmode-1

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