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#Beauty: HIGH – RECCOMENDATION – THE RITUAL OF KARMA SUN PROTECTION || “Wait, it is the farewell of Summer, and she wants to talk about sunscreen?!” Yeah, I’m a little crazy, but I’m a realist, too. And let’s be honest, Summer is over for some of us, not for everyone and not for the whole world! And I know there are many people who choose to go on vacation this time of the year, or even later. Like traveling to Brazil in December? That’s a great idea!

And that’s why it’s never too late to talk about sun protection, and my high recommendation goes to: RITUAL OF KARMA SUN PROTECTION.

The Ritual of Karma sun protection face cream is a water resistant sunscreen for your face, with a special smell, this is, it isn´t a typical sunscreen smell, it’s a thousand and one times better! The main ingredients are organic white tea and ginkgo Biloba (a type of leaf that is used in Chinese medicine). Rituals is well-known for using a lot of natural and organic ingredients in their products, and that is something really good.
It is very comfortable to wear, because you literally don’t feel it and it’s not sticky at all. This rich hydrating cream is rapidly absorbed by the skin and protects against early ageing from UVA/UVB.

And guess what? The Ritual of Karma sun protection milky spray is as good as the face cream. With the same key ingredients, and with an even more delicious smell (if that’s possible!).

I’m a lover of sunscreens, and I’ve tested lots, but one thing I have to say about these: For the first time in my life, I did not get really tanned, I mean, I did not look like burnt toast as in all past years … like swimwear tags and so on, I just got a light, natural tan. And that means a lot about these sunscreens, right?

Both available in SPF30 and SPF50

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