#lifestyle: REFLECTION || Sunday is a rest day for most people, but for me it means a day of intense work. Or had, because I’m definitely strived my best to avoid the computer, the agendas and notebooks. Finally, after months (actually years) I am able to create a work schedule that I intend to actually accomplish, especially the hours without work. Recently, something caught my passion for painting, and after a brief reflection in my office, I decided to relax a little, drink a coffee and give wings to the imagination. Back to the illustrations after huge years it was one of the best decisions lately. Paint and create, relax and give me motivation.

Reflection-painting-drawing-ivanias mode

At the end something to reflect… Here are some things that should belong to your task list this month (or ever):

– Stop coveting other people, careers and lives. Remember that most likely someone out there wants something you have;

– Take pictures that are not just for social networking;

– Go to an art exhibition;

– Buy a cookbook or take in some of your drawer, prepare any dish or dessert and invite someone to eat it with you.

– Buy flowers for your bedroom and light scented candles every night before bed.

– Get up early and prepare a good and healthy breakfast. There are no excuses.



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