#society: FEW REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD LOVE YOUR HATERS || Everyone has enemies, especially those with a lot of goals to achieve and with a great success in life. There are people who don’t believe in their work, talent and dreams or those who just hate you for no reason. Having haters brings some negative energy to your life if you think too much about it, but on the other hand they offer great benefits to your career.

Here are some reasons why the haters really are an asset – a true blessing!

First and you should keep this in your mind, “any press is good press.” Or if you want “any publicity is good publicity”. From her experience, our founder knows that people are not as engaging with positive stories as they are to negative stories. Notoriety is faster achieved with less positive things than great deeds! Overall, people love to joke and gossiping, so if the bad press starts by the hand of the haters, fans will get to defend. And it can become viral quickly.
Moreover, among so much hatred, someone who has never heard your name before, would probably be curious to know more about and maybe will like you! Can you imagine how many new fans you could win with that?

They love to challenge.

Usually people allow themselves to be affected by haters’ negativity; few who use this energy as motivation to work harder and better. Always remember, you have complete control of how you feel! You choose to go down with the shit that someone talks about you, or use that negativity to work harder. Have you ever thought that these indirect bad may exist only for you to become stronger?!

And finally…

There is no better feeling than that when we prove that others were wrong. Pull that negativity away, reach success and show who is the boss!
Imagine how will you feel after proving the others were wrong?


We love the haters We love the haters We love the haters

Haters are hot, haters are amazing, they make us feel good!


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