RAQUEL PRATES, 40 years. One of the most elegant Portuguese public figures you can find. She’s a beautiful woman, humble, entrepreneur, and a true businesswoman. She risk without fear, and we think that it is one of the great examples of a #girlboss. Raquel works hard, and thus becomes an inspiration for many women.

We are pleased to have Raquel here as an inspiration. Today she shares with us a little more about her and her work – in the first person.


What had more impact and public recognition was as a TV host and radio broadcaster. I have a degree in interior architecture but never practiced. I was responsible for two art galleries and the first international fair of contemporary art and industrial design.

I launched the first online art gallery with payment in shares and for one year and 6 months opened the 39º Concept Store. A new concept store with 600m2, where you can find our exclusive brands and some emerging national talents in several areas, mostly focused on fashion and the new urban trends. It is intended to be a space of experience and communication. The art is present with temporary exhibitions, now with a mural painted by Tamara Alves but that was inaugurated by Gonzalo Mar. Sculptures / John Murillo installation that is also the soul of space.

Very soon we will open a Med Cocktails bar with Gin Mare, and once again the concept is to create your own cocktail. At the same time we also provide experiences with lyfetaste wines, which are closely linked to emotions.
In just one year we were nominated as best shop of the year by TIME OUT. It was also the first Portuguese store to be recommended by the magazine’s website EDIT Net a Porter, among other reference of national and international importance, which leaves us (me and the team) very proud.

How is your work routine?

In only two words: Very satisfied. From morning to night, at such a competitive and with an exaggerated speed, keep us innovative requires a lot of work.

How do you manage your time? Work hard or smart?

With an intense agenda but which would provide space to design and implement. I’m not good at managing time, so I have to create discipline.


Bit deadlocked. There are good initiatives of small groups or even individuals, but are not properly communicated.


On the subject of “eating out”: A good place for dinner?

A new place I find out recently and enjoyed: O Peixola. But also like the Fidalgo in Bairro Alto.

Favorite place for coffee in Lisbon:

During the morning at Estrela’s garden.


Vintage in some shops at São Bento’s street, which are cool because already know what we are looking for. Art at António Prates‘s Gallery or Portuguese Centre for Serigraphy. But I also love peeking specialized online stores.

Coffee or tea? Wine or water?

Coffee and wine.


Favorite trend ever: References to the 70s.

A Couple of things you can’t live without: my covenant and jeans.

Must-Haves for this season: fashion is increasingly eclectic, passionate mood for Saint Laurent and Gucci.

RAQUEL PRATES-ivaniasmode-Saint Laurent


RAQUEL PRATES-ivaniasmode-Gucci



AFRICA – it was where my husband was born.
We are inundated with new sensations. Our concept of time and space changed.

Five Cities to visit:

Tokyo, Paris, Madrid, New York and of course Lisbon.

🌎 🌍 🌏

If you could buy only one thing (with unlimited budget), what would it be?

One year long trip with all included.


Raquel's photos: Andy Dyo   //  Facebook

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