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#Beauty: L’ORÉAL COLORISTA WASHOUT – PINK HAIR || I do not know exactly how long I have wanted to have pink hair, but I think this desire has existed for about three years. I also thought about having black hair, but it was just spontaneous thoughts. After all I’ve been blonde since I can remember. My eyebrows are light and everything in me is of a “blonde woman” if you get what I mean.

So having pink hair was indeed a good idea. Mainly because it works great on blond hair (it’s actually ideal if you want a colour change without doing something drastic to your hair).

L’oreal’s Coloring Washout range with bold colors that come out after washing the hair, seemed the right choice for an eccentric but not totally drastic change of look.
The pack contains a ready-to-use coloring ink with a bright pink liquid tube that is ready to apply to dry hair plus two pairs of plastic gloves and instructions.

After the application, we just have to massage the hair and wait about 20 to 30 minutes (depending on the tone you want to get – I opted for only 20 minutes for a pastel pink tone), and then wash it with water. Just water. Et voilà!

In conclusion, I must say that I liked this product and that I am totally in love. I feel super confident with this color of hair, and I will keep the pink hair for a while.

L’Oréal Paris Colorista Washout – available HERE

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