#Art: PICASSO AND ANIMALS – CERAMICS AND GRAPHIC WORKS || For the art lovers, there is an incredible and unprecedented exhibition in Luxembourg, not to be missed: the exhibition of ceramics and graphic works of Picasso, in the city center.

Pablo Picasso used animals to express themes that were essential to him as life, struggle, war, peace, sacrifice and death. He was a great expert of myths and animals, and ceramics was for Picasso the meaning of complete artistic expression such as painting, drawing, sculpture and graphic arts.

Also available in Portuguese (PT)  & French 


The exhibition is sponsored by the French Embassy and the Embassy of Spain in Luxembourg.

Organization: Cercle Cité Luxembourg  ♥  26/10/2016 > 15/01/2017 | 11:00-19:00

More information here.

Picasso picture via Google // Ceramic photo: <<Hibou et tête de Faune, 1961 (collection particulière)>>

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