PEDRO CRISPIM, 37 years. One of the biggest Portuguese professionals in the fashion area, with an enviable track record, worked as a model, he had an experience in television and image consulting, already had a blog, but it’s like Stylist and Image Consultant that he currently works, which owns a service and formations company.
When you think of Pedro Crispim, also think of someone sincere and without fear of exposing their opinions on social networks. And this is something that captivates people. Whether or we are of the same opinion or not. Pedro is an example as a person and professional.

I had the pleasure to meet in person one day, and I saw and felt his humility. I like it, it is impossible not to like him after the meeting. I had to invite Pedro to this category because it made sense. He is an inspiration without a doubt, and inspiring people are part of our world: the ISM. – Ivânia

Today, Pedro Crispim, shares with us a little more about him and his work – in the first person. Be inspired!

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PEDRO CRISPIM-work-ivaniasmodeI started my modeling career in 1997, I worked all over the world and quickly fell in love by the backstage scenes, I believe the magic is there, after several formations in and outside the country is there that work today and where I feel comfortable and realized, having opened my services and training company, Atelier Styling Project, and in 2013 launched the Styling Project Mag, a digital magazine.

How is your work routine:

I try to be organized and work on priorities, but to give in crazy because I have many commitments.

How do you deal with your time? Work hard or smart?

In an area so irregular and asymmetrical in timetables, If I have a full day, and since work by my own I have to organize my schedule, I start my day very early, and order just the gym and personal affairs before 09:30, after the office, because I have to prepare items, writing articles for several publications and make shopping for productions, and of course have meetings during the day, then I teach until 22:00.

PEDRO CRISPIM-Styling-ivaniasmode

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