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Noshi Coffee – is one of the artisanal coffee spots, a must visit in the beautiful city of Porto. Despite the Japanese name, what we find in Noshi is anything but Japanese.
The space opened less than a year ago, is located in downtown Porto, and was designed by Paula Fernandes. It is a super cozy space with very nice decorations in the Nordic style, whose inspiration comes from the various trips made in Europe. In which, Paula concluded that she would dedicate herself to artisanal coffee.

The Coffee Shop, Noshi, has its own brand made by a company in Portugal, where the coffee is roasted. A 70% Arabica and 30% Robusta blend that is used to make espresso and filtered coffee. Note that the customer can also buy bags to prepare at home.
Highlighted is the so-called slow coffee that takes a little longer to prepare and has a higher cost, but if you are a coffee lover it is worth the wait, given that the taste is extremely delicious.

And in hot drinks Noshi also has a wide range of German teas with more than 25 bio varieties. The infusion is made at the table in a special kettle that serves the glasses through the base. Great!
But you should visit this place for more than just coffee. The drinks are an extra added to the varied healthy menu that they offer.

From the tasty oatmeal pancakes made with vegetable milk, hot oatmeal pops served with dried fruit, peanut butter and honey, cold oats, chia pudding, cups of açaí to scrambled eggs. But there is still more to choose from what is described as “Happy Food”.

There are 10 “Toasts from the Other World”, between € 3.20 – € 6 in the menu. And for 1 € more you can order the gluten-free bread. We tried the Veggie and the Salmegg and they are divine. Out of this world. The Veggie one is made with avocado, mozzarella, tomato, poached egg and (the key ingredient) pieces of chili. The wonderful Salmegg is made of iceberg lettuce, avocado, smoked salmon and poached egg.

There is more, there is much more than this in the Noshi Coffee menu. It is best to pay a visit and delight your palate. Surprise yourself. Enjoy.

This coffee shop has capacity for 50 people. Some of the spots are in a small interior courtyard, decorated with several plants. And there is also an outdoor terrace, which can be enjoyed on sunny days.

To conclude, a bonus: the service is great.

Adress: Rua do Carmo, nº11 e 12
4050-164 Porto

+351 22 205 3034


Scroll the photo gallery for a better perception of the menu offering. But be prepared, images are not advisable if you are hungry, if you are a lover of healthy food, or even if you are a greedy person! Enjoy and leave your comment below.

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