One of my fav words/ expressions now is “no fucks given“. It translates to: I don’t give a fuck about…

I hit 30 almost 3 years ago and by all means my quota of “no fucks given” is increasing everyday. I am even surprised about it. A control freak from birth, that knew at 12 years old what she was going to do with her life, knew the type of friends she would have, the college she was going to attend, etc… Yep, all this was little old me. And now, looking around, no fucks are being given.

Remember I told you I was 33 years old?! When I hit 30 it was like my brain had just one thought: “You do You and forget about the rest of the World.” Seems selfish?! Well, than this article is exactly for you my “I need to please everyone and be liked or I will die” friend.

Here are some of the things most 20 year old’s give a fuck and most 30 year old’s have the wisdom to say: no fucks given!

“I need to have that “model type” of body” – There are some bodies in this world that are “perfect” by society standards. And “perfect” means “impossible”. Of course you have people that fit all the “right measurements”, but they are not the norm by any way shape or form. You do not have to have that body! Let’s say it again louder for the people in the back: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE THAT TYPE OF BODY. You are perfect just the way you are and if you want to change anything do it because you are feeling good about it, and not because another person is saying: “You do not fit my standards.” My dear, if that person is so into the possibility of a body you might have they are not interested in you. They are interested in having a person that fits their ego. And you are a Queen, so do not bother with the opinions of people like that.

“I need to have tons of friends and they need to be cool” – No you do not! You can be a super happy, loving, successful, fantastic human being alone or with a small group of people around you. More people, more drama. Human beings are made of light but they are also made of a lot of bullshit. In a world made of so many complicated relationships, it is best, wise even to reduce your circle of friends to the minimum. Everyday we have to deal with work, taxes, food allergies, depression, anxiety, you name it. And still deal with the baggage of 15 people around you?! No way! You need some balance my lovely, so protect your heart.

“I need to have a promotion at my job before I hit 30”- There are people that know what they want at 12 and they stick to it. Great for them! It wasn’t my case. My work plans have changed so many times I lost count. So I started listening to: “What is it that you really do?!” or “When are you going to have a real job?!”. “I do multiple things at the same time and I am to busy to explain them to you Kevin, so sit down.” If you are a CEO or thinking about what steps to take next, great. It’s your life, your rules, your queendom. Life is not a rat race and you can step out of it and just create your own destiny and goals.

“I need to start acting like a grownup” – Honey, this “being an adult” thing is a myth. Most people are just trying to do their best to keep their head over the water. Mistakes will happen, a lot of mistakes. Just do the best you can, and stop thinking you will magically have the answers to the world’s problems with age. Some days I am happy I can match the two socks I put on. Or even being able to put socks on, for that matter. The pressure of being perfect is lifted and I smile that “no fucks given” smile.

“I need to have a family, partner, kids, a dog,…” And the list goes on, and on, and on,…You do not have to hit the “I am so Perfect for Society Bingo” at 29 years of age. Hell, you don’t have to play this Bingo Game at all. You can be alone, travel, stay at home with your cats eating that amazing pizza. You are enough my dear, and if nobody told you this I am telling you. You are perfect the way that you are and you do not need an Instagram perfect life to be happy. You are loved and you are cherished.

Break those chains and let go… A new World of empowerment is waiting for you and you are the Queen… Don’t forget: No Fucks Given!



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