#Beauty: NARS VELVET LIP GLIDE  || What makes the perfect red lipstick? Honestly and obviously the quality of the lipstick itself, and the right shade for the lips. To chose the shades of red for our skin tone, is the best way to find the perfect red lipstick. You should always have this into consideration.

Also available in Portuguese (PT)

I don’t know your skin tone, but I know mine and how lucky I am to know that almost all shades of red look good on me. I said almost, ok?

Now let’s talk about the velvet lip glide from NARS. Since I got it at a Sephora event last month, I never took it out of my purse. Yes, you are reading correctly: I received this lipstick in a goodie bag, but that doesn’t mean I am going to talk about it in a flattering way as a way of saying thank you to the brand. NO, not at all. I was honestly obsessed about it, and that is why I am talking about it.

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This is a shiny red, with a creamy finish, that gives the feeling of a smooth texture, soft like velvet. It slides like a gloss but the finish is like a lipstick, non sticky.


I think this red is mixed with warm shades of orange, although the characteristics tell you that it is a “bright yellow red”. Costing around 27/30EUR, this piece of red is a great investment.

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