#Fashion: MODEL CAITIN STICKELS BREAKS BORDERS – Yes! Breaking Boundaries is the New Trend || Some trends we love, some trends we hate. It is all part of the world of fashion.
I must say, that I am more aware of the social part of fashion, than the actual clothes. For me Fashion has to be more than a pretty dress, or pretty shoes.

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In an industry that reaches millions, billions of people, the social responsibility of it is huge. And we are reaching a point of opening our eyes, to a diverse World, that exists beyond the stereotypes, and that has been happening for a few years now.

From Ashley Graham, the first plus-size (still this tag is annoying) model, to be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, to Hanne Gabs Odiele, the belgian model that talked about being intersex, to Winnie Harlow, that has appeared on the top fashion magazines of the world and has vitiligo. We are experiencing a representation of the actual real world, and not just another rerun of “The Devil Wears Prada”. And thank goodness for that.

The most recent model to break boundaries is Caitin Stickels or Caitin Kitten (Instagram). She has “cat eye syndrome”, making her face and body look as unique as she is. She was discovered by Nick Knight, one of the most influential fashion photographers alive. So if Nick likes Caitin, we can be sure that she is without a doubt a model to look at and praise.

Caitin loved the photoshoot and it was everything that she dream of and more. But I have to say that, although being photographed by Knight was her dream, she absolutely impressed me and most of the world with her mad skills. Her posing was of the charts and her face powerful and meaningful, full of intensity and creative vibration.

But enough talk, let’s look at the photos, because they are the ones that tell the story…


Caitin Kitten photographed by Nick Knight for V MAGAZINE


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