#Trends: MENSWEAR TRENDS FW 2017-18 Global Wander || Compiling trends is to accept that there are certain individual choices to be made, based on your personal tastes, to establish a series of standards, grouping, diligently choosing one look and not another, not repeating brands, and covering the top international menswear fashion weeks. This season was marked by uncertainty in the West, to which the brands responded with bold proposals, still adjusted to a turbulent context, but in the end they show a range of positive messages of encouragement and hope. Everything can improve, and fashion is a weapon of contestation, a silenced rebellion, and it’s also a deep mirror of the nausea, of the boredom that some situations provoke on us. Optimism has arisen in the choice of certain colors, in tolerance slogans lent to t-shirts, or in posters that seek to inject a considerable dose of joy and comfort, as the exterior seems increasingly hostile. But please, let’s not forget that famous song: “What have you got to fight? What do you need to prove? / You’re always telling lies, and that’s the only truth / I do not care / Baby, I’m not scared.”

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The yellow never ceases to be the color that most people hate, and some of them don’t even try to use it once in a lifetime. But guess what, the color that most came to the surface for the next cold season, well, yes, the yellow from the roasted to the mustard, from the pale to the gaudy, exists for all tastes, in total looks or in key pieces, such as jackets and parkas. Will you submerge in this trend?


Whether it is a clear apology to the Middle East or to the refugee crisis in Europe, through the anti-Trump protest in the US, a troubled era, requires alternative clothing tailored to each belief and context, be it a hijab or a blanket as a coat, all serves when what we all seek is a comforting refuge.


Jumpsuits are that piece that never gets out of my head. Difficult to use, that’s for sure, but this season, creativity has hit the pinnacles with more formal proposals in leather, with a blank shirt underneath and some more relaxed and fun. Learn to jump, and dare to buy one that you really would use.


Long sleeves, boring minds, tight tights, giant scarves. This trend has been repeated over the last few seasons, but it seems that it always gains contrasting outlines. Or very short or extremely long sweaters, and the same happens with the trousers, both goes from 8 to 80. Here there is no rag for half-terms.

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