#healthy: MATCHA || I am not a huge fan or lover of green drinks or foods in general, but I confess that I was so curious for a long time to try the so famous matcha.

Match green tea, is an ancient Japanese culture tradition, and it’s the highest range of tea powder available. This miraculous elixir has been consumed for more than a millennium in the Far East and nowadays is considered one of the most powerful super foods in the market.

Also available in Portuguese (PT) – HERE / Este artigo está disponível também em Português – AQUI

I must admit I feel in love. The matcha instantly stepped into my obsessions’ list and will strongly compete against the cappuccino. I am just saying!

You know what’s best? A cup of Matcha green tea should be a part of our daily routine, because it has huge benefits. It’s rich in antioxidants, it’s relaxing and improves calmness, stimulates memory and concentration, burns calories, increase the energy levels detoxifies the organism, strengthens the immune system, improves cholesterol and the taste is great!

So do not wait and drink a matcha at the location nearest you! For our readers in Luxembourg, I recommend the coffee shop ‘Ready?’ that I’ve talked about here.

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