MARQUES’ALMEIDA.  For those born in the 90s, there is a certain magic in baggy pants to bell-mouth in shimmering fabrics, or even the denim used and abused in any context, without being more a mere pretext of youth revolt. A bold claim and messy thing that back into place the “cool” of fashion thanks to the double Marques’Almeida unmatched industry. While some of the most prestigious European brands reaffirmed 60’s and 70’s so upset, the brand based in London, brought a flourishing revival and fuzzy for their presentations, where the tears started to make sense in the anatomy of the denim.

From concept to street style was a slight jump when compared with his latest collaboration with TOPSHOP. Sounds familiar for the consumer whom spent whole afternoons eating gums and bowling at a mall in the suburbs still longed nineties. The grammar of jeans has a new range since Marques’Almeida launched their first collection. Not only for being irreverent, marginal, and anti-fashion in the most dramatic sense, but because they knew how to choose the most opportune time to do so. Suddenly students of fashion design were imitating these novices trained at Central Saint Martin’s with their complex denim affairs. Currently that youthful simplicity achieved a status of pure luxury when stoles, silks, and semitransparent tops were introduced into their prerogative.

I think it is no longer possible to look the same way for jeans, although they continue to breathe a strange and intermittent essence of this formerly “recent”.marques-almeida-x-topshop : ivaniasmode.commarques'almeida collection - topshopmarques'almeida x TOPSHOP - ITEMS




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