MARLENE VINHA . 35 years old || She is beautiful, has a “girl sweet air” but is on her 30s, and above all has confident hands and a delicate “eye” for beauty as no one else. Marlene, the other sister of the duo PRETTY EXQUISITE, has training in Make-Up Techniques Face and Manicure. She says she finds motivation to show everyone how to know to take advantage of their beauty, but I truly believe that is actually her personal motivation – whether for his work as makeup artist, who as can confirm, is excellent in everything she does and her threads are never enough. If you do not know her already, so you don’t know what you’ve been missing, but do not worry, still go in time to put your readings updated with all her advices and opinions on beauty and makeup – HERE!

But now, delight yourself with this set of questions and answers…MARLENE VINHADaily work routine:

I don´t really have a routine as I do different things everyday. I can have a fashion photoshoot in a studio, a bridal test in our atelier, or stay at home washing brushes.

How do you keep your skin looking perfect?

My skin is not perfect (few are) but I make an effort to take care of it the best possible way. Sleep well, always clean the skin in the morning and evening, using good products and sunscreen, are some of the things I must do everyday.

Is there anything that some brand has showed you that you’ve been like, ‘wow this incredible’?

Physiogel is the best product I’ve ever used, because it noticeably helps my rosacea to calm down and has an immediate effect when I apply it.

What’s the biggest tip you’ve learnt?

Using an occlusive product to seal the creams I apply in the evening in some areas, before going to bed. That’s why I cannot live without my Aquaphor from Eucerin.

Do you have any quick makeup tricks?

On myself, using a product in different ways, is a quick approach to make up. Like for instance, use the same cream product to add color to your eyes, face and lips.
For work, I think that it is essential to really prepare the skin of a client with serum , creams and primers, besides doing the make up with calm and trust!

Do you use a brush or do you do it with your fingers?

I do almost everything with my fingers but having a large selection of brushes, is very helpful and useful. It depends a lot on the type of makeup you wear and the time you have to elaborate it.

And your favorite brushes are…

I have several brushes of various brands and have a few that have no brand and I love them. But without a doubt my favorite darling is the suqqu blush brush for which I´ve saved for more than half a year, and is very versatile as I use it to apply any kind of powder (blush, highlighter, translucent ) and it does that beautifully. In fact, the best brushes I have are Japanese and this one is

I also find that brands like Real Techniques, Zoeva, Sigma and Bdellium, have very interesting offers.

What products do you rely on for everyday makeup?

In a everyday basis, I do not go out without applying foundation or BB/CC Cream and concealer. I also need to always brush my eyebrows and pencil them, use blush and a product to contour my cheeks, mascara and a colorful lipstick.

If you’re in a rush and you don’t have time to do all of your makeup, what do you quickly do?

That happens almost every day. So either I do not put any makeup at all, or do a quick fix applying a bb cream, mascara and a colorful lipstick that is often used as a blush.

Are brows a big thing for you?

Yes!!! I’ve always had very strong and bushy eyebrows which means I must dedicate them some daily attention with styling products. Furthermore, grooming them with someone you trust is essential because a hair less, in my case, makes all the difference.

Where do you prefer to do your contour, lips or eyes?

Mmm that’s difficult because I think it takes at least two elements to make things work. But right now, I think that lips and contouring the cheekbones, are my favourite things.

How would you describe your makeup approach?

For me, I like light make-up that explores contrasts of colors and textures, such as a sparkling shade in the eyes and a matte lip. Beautiful skin and well- worked eyelashes, do the rest.
At work, I do what clientes ask me to but there is no doubt that my preference goes to make-up that enhance the features of every girl. I do not like very heavy make-up , with ten colors shading the eyes unless if it is for a creative work!

Your favorite makeup product is…

An excellent face cream.

3 Products that work while you sleep:

Aquaphor Healing Ointment from Eucerin, Miracle Hand Balm from Rituals and a good pillow with a silk pillowcase.

Top 5 beauty products:

Micellar Water from Bioderma, Sun Screen from Isdin, Firming Massage Mask from Shiseido, Tangle Teezer and a Face Mist (Benefit, Erborian or Clinique).

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work / photo credits: Silvia Rebatto SS15 // Photography: Orlando Gonçalves // Make up: Marlene Vinha // Model: Nadia Serlidou




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