MARIA JOÃO S. CUNHA. 22 years old || She is a model and graphic designer, and I think she has a very unique beauty and seems like a really lovely person.

Ok, the definition of beauty may be different from one person to another but the beauty of this young woman can not be completely denied…

Here, MARIA JOÃO shares her must-haves and more…

MARIA JOAO S.CUNHA_ivaniasmodeWORK DAILY ROUTINE_I don’t really have a daily routine, because I have two works: as a model and another as a videographer. For that reason, not all the mondays are the same and sometimes the weekends get to be busier and fuller then the rest of the week. One day I can be running to catch a train for a shooting in Lisbon and the next day I could be waking up slowly to work on some videos at my home-studio.

But let’s pretend today is a designer/videographer day: I wake up and have breakfast while I check my e-mails. After, I drive to the gym while listening to some music (Caribou or James Vincent). Then after doing this little things that made my day, I start working in some videos, then go for a break to have a lunch and maybe read a book and after all of that, at the end of the day like, I stop working (only when I don’t have to rush any work, because sometimes I do!) and go out for a walk to a library to check some book covers and later I go out for dinner or cook some pasta at home. Finally, my fav part of the day: watch one of the series I follow or a movie with my bf (that’s a routine definitely)!

FAVOURITE SPOTS IN PORTO_ivaniasmodeBBGourmet – which has a fabulous chocolate cake slice. If you’re in porto, this one is a must! Amazing place surrounded by really nice people.

Leitaria da Quinta do Paço – you gotta drop by if you want to eat an amazing éclair, or a bola de berlim, or a great croissant,….I mean, everything is good in there! I have to go there every single week, it’s a MUST! favorite-trend

Sporty & Comfy! I love tennis, so this is my favorite trend! A woman can be classy and comfy at the same time, I mean, you can use tennis instead of high-heels, bags, backpacks or sporty clothes and still be classy. A lil bit like Cara last wardrobe at Chanel Fall/Winter 2014/15. And another trend that I use a lot, is punk-rock inspiration, black leather coats, lots of details like zippers, biker boots, necklaces and fringes.THINHS YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT_ivaniasmodeThat’s easy! Sunglasses, I love sunglasses, I’ve got lots of them, in different colors and shapes. Also, I can’t live without my black backpack and of course my black hat and my black boots.

M. João  //  Photo credit Ricardo Santos | Fotografia


If I had to choose 3 works, I’d say:
Xperimental Shoes Campaign, two amazing people: Rita Lino and Studio RGBXYZ that did this amazing video.

– My cover for DIF magazine, actually It was my first magazine cover and it was my friend Élio Nogueira that photographed it, so it was really special.MARIA JOAO S.CUNHA_DIF magazine

– And…oh gosh, that’s difficult, I really love every single work… for several different reasons, but, ok, one recent: an editorial at Vogue Portugal. Because I get to know really amazing people and it was my first appearance at Vogue.

MARIA JOAO S.CUNHA_Vogue Portugal_ivaniasmode

 Photography // FREDERICO MARTINS 


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