#Lifestyle: HOW TO MANAGE SEVERAL THINGS AT THE SAME TIME? || The thing that I have been hearing more lately is: “Rita, I am so busy, I don’t know how to manage everything that I have to do.”

The normal advice is something like: get a notebook, create a schedule, find time to rest and sleep, eat well, etc. But we all know this.

I think people like to tell me this particular thing because they know I do several things at the same time, and it all seems like it’s working. So I decided to give some advice about it.

These are my tasks on a daily basis. Managing AvanHeart Cosmetics, Vurgers and Co, Women’s Summit, SpeakYourHeart, editor and writer here at ISM, editor at a new magazine that is coming out, preparing speeches for public speaking like @tedxguimarães, creating photoshoots, videos, and a few other Projects that are still in secret. Plus, cooking, organizing, taking care of the washing of the clothes, etc.

For some, it will sound like a lot of things to do, and it is. So, here is the first thing I want to say. No, I do not have everything under control. And that was my first mistake. I thought if I just applied myself, and wrote everything down, etc, that I would not fail. Oh, but I was wrong. I did fail, not once or twice, but several times. The trick is, you do not have to be the perfect worker, the perfect manager, the perfect house wife, the perfect mom, the perfect woman. Just face this! You are amazing, but you will fail, and that is ok. Just do your best and ask for help. If you notice that you are burning out, just reach out to others and say: I need you to do this for me. We all live in one planet, together, so believe me, you have people that will reach out their hands and pull you from a dark place.

At night, most nights before I go to sleep, I take a few minutes of my time to just say to myself: you are crazy, you are going insane with the amount of stuff you have to do, … I just admit to I do not know what to do. To recognize that it is not just fun and games, unicorns and glitter. That sometimes, working a lot, dividing yourself to manage several projects, sucks. I mean it really sucks. That will give you the chance to “high 5 your demons” and face them with no excuse. The good thing is, after you do it, you will feel lighter and so much better. So the next day, the energy starts flowing, and bamm, you are rocking.

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I’ve heard something that is helping me a lot. I have seen this happen to several moms, for example. They were very busy before becoming mothers. Working non stop, and taking care of the house, etc. But somehow, when the baby is born, they manage to do even more things, and do it with motivation. How can that be? How can a person say: I can’t do more than this, and then they manage to do double, or triple ?! It is because our minds adapt. It finds ways to incorporate whatever you need to do. So when you feel like enough is enough, think if it is not a defense mechanism, or if you really need to stop there and have a break. Really look into this.

The last advice I give you about this, is very important. When everything goes wrong, and you start to panic, just reach out and talk to a friend, and do not try to be strong. We have many people telling us, just to be strong all the time. Just be you, and if you want to use some curse words to help, go for it. Being positive is great, but being positive all the time and everything is just unbearable. Express what you need to express, take a deep breath and go out there and show what you are made of…

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