#dessert: MAISON PIERRE MARCOLINI x PETER PILOTTO || This collaboration is pure taste. In fact, it is not difficult that is, the Belgian maison already accustomed us to the delights of chocolatier Pierre Marcolini, and all the finesse involved.

And what is this collaboration? It will be a chocolate box. Is it a Rubik’s cube or a game board?

We already say that the treats have flavours as: lemon, passion fruit, pistachio praline, nougat praline, salted caramel and raspberry; plus classic pralines and Grand Cru chocolates. And as an extra, a new flavour inspired by Japanese culture: the heart Matcha!

But of course this collaboration is not only about the flavours. Under the cover, clean lines and graphics recall the iconic patterns of past collections from Peter Pilotto.

Run to grab your box, it is a limited edition.


*Photo by Ivânia S. from the press day in Antwerp

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