#Society: LUXURY MARKET & MODERN SOCIETY  || Living in a huge house, earning a big paycheck, driving a fast car and having everything you need is one of the most special feelings in the world and something that really makes you appreciate life. However, it’s not all about the size, speed and thickness of your wallet – there’s the aspect of luxury as well! Opting for something that’s classier than everything else on the market means taking things to the next level and truly enjoying life to the fullest. Yet, it seems that more and more people pay less and less attention to the luxury in their everyday lives, even though they have a chance to afford it. Does this mean that the modern society has surpassed luxury and doesn’t pay attention to this aspect of certain things? Have we really become post-luxury and have luxurious items become obsolete in this day and age? How does the modern society perceive this construct and what does it make of it? Here are some answers.

What is luxury?

Different people have different definitions of this notion, but it seems that all can agree on one thing – luxury is the next step in life. It means that can not only stop worrying about paying the bills and putting food on the table, but relax and get more from every part of your daily existence. The aforementioned luxurious houses, cars and paychecks come into mind, as well as everything else surrounding that package. Of course, the idea of luxury changes from time to time and what once was luxurious isn’t anymore and vice versa, which inevitably shows the passage of time, but also the evolution of human kind and the traits of a new generation.

New experiences

For instance, experts from different areas claim that the modern man isn’t concerned with the financial aspect of luxury anymore, but more with experiencing it. It’s all about how you feel when you’re surrounded by luxury and not what you look like or appear to other people. The internal feature has now come under the spotlight and the past several years have witnessed the decline of the luxury industry worldwide. Could this be just a consequence of the Great Recession of the late 2000s, when tons of people simply lost the ability to purchase whatever they desired, or is it something else?

Shift the paradigm

It seems that the crucial thing with modern luxury is the shift of the paradigm – it’s not whether you can afford something luxurious, but whether you want to do it or not. A surprisingly high number of people decide on the latter and simply start looking for new and less luxurious things to excite them and make them feel alive. This made the market change as well and old brands started looking for new customers that would ask for their products and services. This became quite visible in the travel and fashion industry, for example, with lots of brands suddenly shifting their attention to the Chinese market and a new generation of people unaffected by the global loss of interest in luxury. Ultimately, this change led to a new wave of Chinese shoppers traveling all over the world, hiring personal shopping assistants and doing their business online more than ever before!

New needs

Once you stop being interested in luxury in the traditional sense, you start looking for new things that can thrill you or, alternatively, old ideas updated for a new audience. This is more than obvious in the car industry at the moment as different manufacturers try to come up with constantly new and exciting ways to give you what you’re looking for. And these are all amazing things that can really improve your driving experience and safety, but they’re all presented in a new way. Take Jaguar, for instance: these cars have always been something else and owning one means you’re not only doing great in life, but that you also have style. It’s a car for a special kind of people and not everyone decides to invest their money in purchasing a Jaguar. But, if you’re in the market for a luxury car, look no further as the new F-TYPE gives you exactly what you need: from an amazing design to an astounding performance and everything in between. They pay special attention to the interior design of their models, and the supreme in-car technology, such as visual controls, audio system, safety features and park assistant, will really make your driving experience luxurious and special.

Post-luxury and redefinition

Claiming that we’re living in a post-luxury world, lots of experts now say that we need to redefine luxury brands before moving on. Instead of insisting on being unique and elitist, they should build the community around them and embrace new users, customers and clients, as that’s the only way to build a sustainable luxury market for the 21st century.


〈Cover image: Salvatore Ferragamo Spring 2010 ad campaign〉


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