#coaching: Learn To Close Your Mouth – For your own well-being || You have dreams. Or actually a lot of dreams. But then bad things happened in your life. And the concern penetrated and sucked like a real leech all the wonderful power you have.
Now you feel that is at the bottom, flat, gray, uninspired and without motivation. And no idea how to get back the spark. As back ON.

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But deep down inside, want fireworks and magic, admiration and passion, hugs and smiles. Whether warm nights and warmth. Want kind words.

Is lacking in everything and want to share all the feelings in social networks, as a liberation, like shouting to the world their status every hour of every day. That hurts, and will hurt more and more. Because looks around and sees and realizes that the world follows its own life and do not want to know your state for nothing.
Hey! Don’t need to ask anything for anyone, don’t need to get humiliated by strangers or by those who are not so strange as well, just to feel a little better, and this is possible only focus on positive things. Right? So learn to shut your mouth.

Close your mouth for most of the things that will not bring you benefits. Close your mouth when you think about telling their plans publicly. Close the mouth will regret your life (people love to know but do nothing for you!) – And this is more than proven. Close your mouth when you are angry and likely to say only shit is huge, certainly not want to regret later. Close the mouth will say that someone has to miss when this one does not feel the same and talked a thousand times does not want to hear from you for nothing. Close your mouth when you’re talking almost too … close your mouth for those who, with their attitudes show him not worth one more little effort. Just learn to shut your mouth for your own well-being.
There is no way to settle for less that life gives you. There is always hope – not exactly at all, and life also proves it – but there is a great hope bucket in most cases.


Just close your mouth. Or just open it in moderation. For what really matters in every way. For a smile. For those and what totally worth it.



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