#cityguide: LE BRUNCH D’ANGELINA PARIS || A trip to Paris would not be complete without a visit to Angelina, to sip the world renowned hot chocolate. This Parisian institution with 113 years is located opposite the Jardin des Tuileries, along the Rue de Rivoli, very close to the Louvre museum, L’Orangerie, Musée d’Orsay and the Jeu de Paume.

Angelina is best known for its rich and incredibly delicious hot chocolate velvet. The best hot chocolate in Paris, and perhaps the world! According to the tradition of this lovely tea lounge, le chocolat chaud l’Africain is served with a small jug of milk and a vanilla cream bowl to follow – The whole team is dropping drool and snot at this time only to recall the taste.LE BRUNCH D'ANGELINA PARIS-ivaniasmode-1LE BRUNCH D'ANGELINA PARIS-ivaniasmode-3

Angelina opened its hall and opened its doors in 1903, during the belle époque of art and architecture. The interior is luxurious and extremely refined – the most beautiful halls you can find – decorated with extravagant murals and art nouveau lines and with gold trim. Currently Angelina continues to maintain its standard of excellence of the bourgeoisie. It is and believe it will always be highly appreciated to use the best of the well-known French label.

TIP: greet the host and waiters with a polite bonjour in a very soft tone.

Do not be surprised if you find a huge queue outside. Do not even think arriving early for breakfast or brunch. Probably when they get the breakfast has been attacked a few hours earlier by Parisian or by some tourists. Be patient while waiting for your turn, and is among Russians, Italians, Americans, Spaniards, etc … and take time to enjoy the boutique, which has a wide variety of sweets and desserts mouthwatering.
Finally smile. Smile at waiters dressed in black and white when you finally get your turn to be served.LE BRUNCH D'ANGELINA PARIS-ivaniasmode-2

Request / desire: Le brunch d’Angelina (up to 2pm)
Le brunch d’Angelina Paris, has a cost of € 39.95 and includes:LE BRUNCH D'ANGELINA PARIS-ivaniasmode-4

The ISM team enjoyed a brunch on Sunday at the end of the morning, but of course nothing prevented to experience in a sweet dessert: Joconde!LE BRUNCH D'ANGELINA PARIS-ivaniasmode-5

A delicious and elegant pastry: It perfectly combines the freshness of blackcurrants and blackberries, the softness of cherry blossom tea  cream and the crunchiness of the macaroon.

Ingredientss: Macaroon biscuit, cherry blossoms tea cream, mulberry and blackcurrant heart, fresh raspberries.

à bientôt!

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