#Looks: LAID BACK LOOK || There are days that the will to get out of bed is none, so in this way, the look of the day could not a lot different from one you could spend the whole day in bed with. A t-shirt from Nike and some other “stuff” et voilà!

Also available in Portuguese (PT)


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On the street I felt I was on another planet, or better, I wish I was, because in fact this is not me, my normal self. I went to the Ladurée tea salon dressed like this. No, there is no problem! No one is going to stop me from entering, but… Well, I always connected Ladurée to chic women, and to the beautiful Parisian, so you can imagine that I was felling like an asshole.

I had some ankle boots so the look wasn’t as “laid back” but I think I made a bigger mistake with that. It would be better a pair of trainers but… Oh merde! That wasn’t my kind of day at all. And now you ask: “why do you share this?”

It’s very simple. Because this is real life. And there are pink days and grey days…

So why not?!


NIKE tee – HERE  //  PULL & BEAR coat  //  ZARA pants  //  SANDRO bag  //  NINA RICCI sunglasses  //  MANGO boots – HERE

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