#life: JE NE SUIS PERSONNE || I don’t know if ironically, or the “whole truth” in his words conveying his personal opinion, one day, someone very close to me, that have lived every day with me told me “You are today’s female version of Fernando Pessoa.” I never forgot that sentence, and truth be told, I received it very well without ever having ever have thought of that. The Nandinho as I like to call when I refer to him, was always hidden on various masks, had several personalities – very different from each other. And I don’t believe in any way that they were a hoax. They were not.

Also available in Portuguese (PT) – HERE / Este artigo está disponível também em Português – AQUI

JE NE SUIS PERSONNE, a book that presents some of the many beautiful Pessoa texts – with which I identify so much. And maybe that’s why, by his personality more than multi-faceted that I’m so identical to him. And having a personality that encompasses several is often painful. More often than might be supposed. Fernando Pessoa was also Gemini. I believe that we were going perfectly understand, after we find out which of our personalities fit better with the presence of each other.

If this makes you laugh, I tell you, great! The article served for something. And make someone laugh is not bad. But you should spend two months with me every day to realize how much truth is written in here.
If you believe this, I also say, great! I hope you understand that there is no comparison to a writer, but someone who carried a lot of people at once.

To end one of the most beautiful texts (Book here) by Fernando that truly inspires me. One in which I can see myself several times.

French version // Bureau de tabac, par Fernando Pessoa.

Je ne suis rien
Jamais je ne serai rien.
Je ne puis vouloir être rien.
Cela dit, je porte en moi tous les rêves du monde.

(…) Álvaro de Campos, 15 janvier 1928.

Portuguese version // TABACARIA

Não sou nada.
Nunca serei nada.
Não posso querer ser nada.
À parte isso, tenho em mim todos os sonhos do mundo.

(…) Álvaro de Campos, 15-1-1928


Full text (FR/PT/IT) – HERE.

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