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#Beauty: HOMEMADE SUNSCREEN || Welcome Summer! I am so glad you are here, and I know you are too. It is that time of the year to let all inhibitions go, and show that beautiful body of yours. Yes, because in any shape or form, you are absolutely beautiful. And here at ISM, we want to tell you that.

The thing we most hear during Summer, specially in countries with amazing beaches is: “Don´t forget to wear sunscreen”. It is said over and over again, but it is also extremely necessary. The exposure to the Sun is getting more dangerous, and we just want to get tanned, and not burned. Am I right?!

For some it might be easy just to go to the store and by a sunscreen from any brand. But for others, things get a bit more complicated than that. Vegans, have to be aware of brands that test on animals or of sunscreens that have animal components, like beewax. Others are allergic to massive amount of chemicals that most sunscreens have, so they tend to have to look for one that has organic ingredients.

But at Ivania´s Mode, we have a solution, And such a fun one too. You can actually make your own, personalized sunscreen. Isn´t that something?! And we have the recipe for you to try. And please, tell us something about it. Specially what essential oils you might use.

So without further delays, here is your recipe for homemade sunscreen, vegan and natural.

½ cup almond oil
¼ cup coconut oil (SPF 4-8)
¼ cup Candelilla Wax
2 Tablespoons Zinc Oxide (Be careful using the powder).
Up to 1 teaspoon Red Raspberry Seed Oil
Up to 1 teaspoon Carrot Seed Oil
2 tablespoons Shea Butter (natural SPF 4-5)
Essential Oils, Rose Extract, for example

Use a double boiler, to melt all the ingredients, except the zinc oxide, stirring occasionally.

When the ingredients are all melted, add the zinc oxide and store the mixture into a jar. It will last between 3 to 6 months.

And voilà, here is your amazing homemade sunscreen.

Now go and have fun with your cocktail by the beach side watching the waves melt all your problems away…

Owner of AvanHeart Cosmetics. Vegan, feminist, human rights fighter.