#food: HOMEMADE SALAD || This recipe is simple, requiring just 20/25 minutes to prepare. And it’s full of good-for-you ingredients like lettuce, fresh mushrooms, red peppers, cherry tomatoes, homemade eggs, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds and olive oil.

We hope you all love this homemade salad! It’s easy to make, satisfying, super healthy and perfect for all the seasons.

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GREEN DRINKS WITHOUT THE AWFUL FLAVOR || If you are the kind of person who makes an ugly face to the famous green juices, this article is for you!


Pick up some lettuce leaves and place in a bowl so that it fills the space bowl half. Cut / laminate mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, season with herbs, garlic powder, a little fine salt and a pinch of pepper (to taste). Putting it all together in a frying pan soaked with oil and cook. At the same time, also cook eggs in oil in another pan.

Then add the cooked mushrooms on top of lettuce, add the eggs and seeds. Decorate at your taste.

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Bon appétit!

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