#suggestions: HOEGAARDEN beer || Hoegaarden is a wheat Belgian beer famous throughout Europe. We know that Hoegaarden monks were the first to discover the unique recipe for beer by the year 1445. By the way you can get to know the whole story on the brand’s website.

Still respect the unique fermentation process and carefully mix the best natural ingredients. This is the only way to get the intriguing surprisingly refreshing taste. Beer is fermented twice but is not filtered what apparently stops with a smooth texture.


Beer suits summer. Combines with terraces, festivals and barbecues at home with friends! Can also opt for White or Rosée version, or the special summer editions: Such as the agrum Radler or Lemon & Lime both without alcohol but with the original refreshing taste of the beer.

They are delicious and mandatory in your refrigerator.

Here is the tip!


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