#Lifestyle: HELLO WINTER – 5 BEST COCKTAILS FOR COZY NIGHTS  || Obviously, winter is coming and we are not over the moon. In fact, when the sun sets at 5 am and the fog grows thick, our mood can take a turn for the worse. We are inclined to stay indoors and cozy up by the fire until the moody Mother Nature changes the tape again.

However, there is a variety of warmers you can make, as well as chilled drinks that might be a perfect fit for frosty winter days. So, get in a festive mood and have a real DIY love affair. Here’s a list of winter libation at its purest.

Sparkling Apple Cherry Cocktail

Apple is one of those ingredients that people usually have in mind when figuring out winter cocktails. To put it to good use, mix a Sparkling Apple Cherry Cocktail. Its complex flavor is brought to life by combining Laird’s with fresh fruit, just like with effervescent cocktails.

Stir the apple brandy with diced apples, sweet orange liqueur like Mandarine Napoleon, and nutty cherry. Muddle until apples release their juice. To deliver a finishing touch, add a bit of chilled prosecco and ice, and garnish with a round of apple. The result is something immensely bubbly, sweet, and rich.

Milk of the Poppy

The Game of Thrones-themed cocktails are gaining in popularity, especially in times when cold winds blow. Milk of the Poppy captures the magical, fantasy-like sensation by offering you Mexican style eggnog with cognac and cinnamon mulled wine. Do not worry, it is neither poisonous nor is it going to put you to sleep.

Warm and cozy, this obviously-not-opium beverage will keep the army of evil and cold at bay. There is also a version that is basically disguised White Russian, with Vodka, Kahlua, and a splash of cream. If you are feeling adventurous, decorate with a poppy flower. Just do not eat it.

Bourbon Pear Cocktail

This drink may take a while to prepare, but it is more than worth it and really makes your day. It’s advisable to do some of the work ahead of time, typically a few hours before the party. So, start by roasting pears and making a puree out of them.

Next, combine it with maple syrup for a dash of sweetness as well as some bourbon. Now that you have prepared a full-flavored mixer, let it cool down in fridge before finally serving it. As an icing on the cake, add some sparkling wine. You will be tickled pink by the amazing velvety taste of this cocktail that says winter, but does not scream it in your face.

Irish Caramel Coffee

As decades of fruitful marriage have proven, fine crafted whisky and coffee are a match made in heaven. This time around, we want to make things a bit more interesting and present you the Irish Caramel Coffee drink. So, those who cannot seem to get enough of this classic pairing should add caramel to the mix.

It is quite simple to prepare and always slides down your throat as smoothly as silk. To enjoy this heavenly taste, brew the best coffee you can, add your favorite whisky and caramel, and top it with whipped cream. This creamy, mouth-watering drink is amazing for after dinner socializing.

Italian Buck

Now, let’s dive into something a bit unusual, delicious, and intense. Italian Buck is similar to Dark ‘n’ Stormy, but it puts a nice twist on it. Namely, it keeps the ginger beer and replaces the rum component, making room for two bittersweet Italian liqueurs (Montenegro Orange and Cynar).

The original recipe suggests putting three ounces of beer, but feel free to start with less if that is more up your alley. What you get is an Amaro and ginger beer highball, an amalgam of sweet, bitter, spicy and fizzy.  It is a great way to fuel the party and keep the crowd spirited.

Warm and cheer up

The winter beckons and this is not time the time to hibernate. Announce the season of fun and entertainment, when crowds come together and celebrate. Whether you want a cocktail that tastes like a Christmas tree or packs a nice alcoholic punch, go for it because the list of winter cocktails has it all.

Don’t miss a chance to snuggle up to your fuzzy blanket, grab a cocktail of choice, and melt your worries away. Walk the line between fall and winter, or fully delve into the valley of cold with your soul warmed and screaming in joy.


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